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Первый шаг (черновик)
We admitted we were powerless over nicotine — that our lives had become unmanageable.
Мы признали своё бессилие перед никотином — что наши жизни стали неуправляемы

Step One is how we start the recovery process. We begin to honestly face our use of nicotine. For this journey(путь), we either need to bring with us, or find along the way, spiritual(духовные) principles such as honesty, willingness(готовность), humility(смирение), acceptance(принятие), kindness(доброжелательность), and open-mindedness.
Первый Шаг о том как мы начинаем процесс выздоровления. Мы начали честно смотреть на наше употребление никотина. Для этого пути, мы either need to bring with us, or find along the way, духовные принцы такие как честность, готовность, смирение, принятие, доброжелательность и open-mindedness.

At first, all one may hope for is to stop compulsive use of nicotine and reduce the concerns (отношение) of the physical and / or financial consequences. However, members who have come before us have found the true gifts of working the Twelve Steps of Nicotine Anonymous to be the spiritual awakening and the enhanced quality of their lives. The road to recovery, which often takes us «beyond our wildest dreams», begins with the Fist Step.
В начале, all one may hope for is прекратить компульсивное потребление никотина и уменьшить физические и / или финансовые последствия. Однако, впередиидущие товарищи нашли the true gifts of проходя Двенадцать Шагов Анонимных Курильщиков to be the духовное пробуждение и улучшение качества их жизней. Путь выздоровления, который часто берет нас «beyond our wildest dreams», начинается с Первого Шага.

Remember, this is a «WE» programm. Together we change is one of our slogans. We do not travel this road of recovery alone. Each of us is helped along the way by our fellow members, a sponsor, and our Higher Power.
Помните, это «МЫ» программа. «Вместе мы сила» один из наших девизов. Мы не путешествуем по дороге выздоровления одни. Каждому из нас помогают на этом пути наши собраться, спонсор и наша Высшая Сила.

Admitting anything can be difficult. To expose ourselves, to be vulnerable to others, can be uncomfortable, even frightening. This may be due to the magnitude of the moment, or it may raise painful memories from the past where it was unsafe to do so. Here, at Step One, admitting is vital. Hopefully all members find that Nicotine Anonymous meetings offer a safe place to do so within a supportive group of recovering people who understand.
Возможно что-либо может быть трудным. Раскрываясь, становимся уязвимыми для других, возможно будет некомфортно, даже отпугивающим. Это может быть соответсвующее значительное событие, или это может мучительное воспоминание из прошлого where it was unsafe to do so. Сейчас, Первый Шаг, признается важным. Надо надеяться, что все найдут в группах Анонимных Курильщиков надежное место с поддержкой группы выздоравливающих, понимающих людей

It is empowering when a person admits the truth outward. Doing so also admits (lets) the truth inward. The denial that has let the lies, excuses, and rationalizations permit us to continue using nicotine needs to be dismantled and shattered. Denial can no longer be what enables our behavior. We have a program of recovery that can supports us through a life-affirming process.

Denial is a common reaction to the realities of addiction. In denial we are not able to realize or fully accept the facts in from of us — that we are hooked on a drug we cannot stop using, and that there are many negative consequences to ourself and others.

We may say, «I love to smoke» while completely ignoring how nicotine manipulates brain chemistry to create this «love illusion».

We may believe that nicotine relieves stress. The one basic stress relieved by using nicotine is a temporary relief from the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that begin about 20 minutes after each dose.

This drug induced belief also ignores (or does not realize) the immediate extreme physical stress caused by inhaling nicotine and the many other poisonous substances in tobacco smoke. Many of the same poisonous substances are also contained in nicotine delivery systems unrelated to smoking. Smoking always makes carbon monoxide that blocks and inhibits our absorbing oxygen. The body screams in a nightmare panic, while the facts do not apply to us.

Yes, we may believe we somehow special, somehow immune to the dangers. Denial will minimize what we do and may point out how other use more than we do. We may only focus on specific nicotine users who appear to live long lives without health problems, and ignore that five million people a year die from smoking related diseases, while millions more are suffering with serious illnesses.

We may believe that our cigarettes are our «best friend» who is always with us in good times and bad. But are we not denying what a best friend would want us to put a smoke screen between them and us? What best friend would threaten and cause us so many debilitating and deadly diseases?

The spiritual principles of honesty, willingness, humility, acceptance, and open-mindedness, as initially stated, will be exercised in taking the First Step. We honestly admit to our addition. We willingly surrender to the truth of our situation with humility and acceptance. We maintain an open mind to learn and reduce resistance.

1-1: Am I ready to sincerely admit I am powerless over nicotine? _______ Why?

sincerely [sin’siəli] честно, прямо, открыто; искренне, неподдельно
admit допускать, соглашаться

1-2: Can I accept that I cannot continue to use nicotine? _____ Why?

1-3: Am I concerned with what others will think of me if I admit to my addiction? ____ Explain.

пагубная привычка

1-4: What have I said or done to justify or excuse my use of nicotine?

1-5: In what ways may shame affect my willingness to admit certain truths?

1-6: To what lengths have I gone, and / or what lies have I told myself, in order to use nicotine? Describe and list.


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