Рабочая Тетрадь. Шаг 6

Step Six
Were entirely ready to have God remove all of these defects of character.
Step Six arrives with a clearer and more humble understanding of ourselves and others. We have, as best we can to this point in time, examined the patterns and characteristics of our behavior. We have evaluated what has worked well for us and in our relationships toward others, and also what has not worked well. In this process of learning about ourselves and determining what we are responsible for, we mature and become more fully adult men and women.
Entirely ready to work this Step? For some, there may be the desire to quickly «dump the whole mess overboard and sail on.» While others may still be afraid to let go of certain defects, unsure of the consequences. Nicotine addicts are used to both the «quick fix» and the «long lie.» Whatever our initial reaction, there is likely some underlying fear about change.
Recovery continues to ask us for a full and honest commitment, a willingness to change and be changed. However, we remember the program’s guidance, «progress, not perfection.» We do not expect to become «saints» instantly, or ever. We recognize our human nature and we may not be entirely ready at every moment of every day to engage in this ongoing process. We work these Steps in order, developing courage and recognizing what we gain. This strengthening awareness helps us to become entirely ready, to let go of our defective ways and prepare for Step Seven.
Ask yourself:
6-1: How does saying «I’m entirely ready» differ from being entirely ready?
6-2: Explain what entirely ready means to you.
6-4: Do I consider myself a rebel of sorts, or sort of a comfortable conformist? Explain.
6-5: What challenges do I foresee in becoming entirely ready to divorce myself from the defects I’ve developed?
6-6: What actions can I take to show that I am entirely ready?
6-7: How would I describe my level of commitment to recovery?
6-9: What is my attitude about change which is self-directed, vs. change that is directed by others?
6-10: Have I been entirely ready to change other people while avoiding «looking in the mirror»?_______
6-11: How may my willingness to change affect others in my life?
To have God remove these defects of character may or may not seem mysterious, and may or may not seem easy. If making positive changes in our life had been something easily done by ourselves alone, we likely would have made the changes we knew were necessary long ago. At Step Six, the spiritual process and connection to a Higher Power continues to grow with our willingness and understanding.
Ask yourself:
6-12: Do I have defects of character that I do not believe can be removed?_Explain.
6-13: What have I learned as I have experienced «surrender» since I began my recovery process?
6-14: Do I recognize that my character defects arise, even run «uncontrollable,» more often during stressful times?_____Explain.
6-15: How have I tried to change myself on my own?
What were the results?
6-16: What sources of help have I used in the past to change or eliminate certain behaviors? __________________________________________________________________________
6-17: Are there certain defects that I feel have been completely imbedded within my personality for years?___Explain.__________________________________________________
6-19: If I am afraid to take this and the next step, what do I fear will be different if God actually removes my defects of character or shortcomings?
All of these defects of character have taken time to acquire over the years. Letting go of all these shortcomings can seem like a «tall order.» We each can have the care of a Higher Power to help us. Shared stories at NicA meetings reveal we are rarely unique in our defects of character; we are simply as human as others.
Ask yourself:
6-20: How does it feel to be aware of all these defects?
6-21: Do I recognize that my defects of character are more or less typical of other human beings?______Explain.
6-22: Are there specific defects that prevent me from feeling certain emotions? Describe.
6-23: Do I have defects of character that I blame others for creating in me?__Explain.
6-24: In what ways can I separate my defects from who I am at the core of my being?
6-26: What are specific consequences of these defects? (Review Step Four.)
6-27: Am I concerned about how others will react to me when I change?_Explain.
6-28: How do these defects impair my spiritual growth?
6-29: What will I do differently when I attain the qualities I would like to have?
6-30: How will these better qualities affect my relationships and my career? Be specific.