Рабочая Тетрадь. Шаг 7

Step Seven
Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
Step Seven may be considered a request, a plea, a prayer. With the awareness and willingness developed in Step Six, as well as earlier Steps, we now ask our Higher Power to remove our shortcomings. However, we are doing more than asking. We are further developing our new life path on which we practice spiritual principles rather than our character defects. As we come to accept our humanness with compassion, we come to accept our awareness that working this Step will be an ongoing process for the rest of our lives.
Humbly is the first word of this Step, and not by accident, but by intent and importance. Humility ought not be confused with humiliation. Humility can produce positive feelings and improve our connections with others, whereas humiliation causes negative feelings and isolation. Our humility has grown as we have worked these Steps right from the beginning when we admitted our powerlessness over nicotine. Step Seven asks us to deepen our humility even further.
Humility connects us with our common humanity and fosters compassion for ourselves. We realize that we, just as other people, have been acting as best we could at the time. However, now we are asking for spiritual guidance and the willingness to act in the world in a way which is more closely aligned with our real and true values.
Ask yourself:
7-1: How do I define humility?
7-2: How do I describe myself as a person?
7-3: Do I have beliefs about myself that hinder my ability to experience true humility? ____Explain.
7-4: Why is it important for me to accept each of my imperfections?
7-5: What character defects hinder my ability to be humble?
7-6: Which of my attitudes has changed since I began my recovery process?
7-7: What healthier parts of me have I discovered or re-introduced into my life as a result of working this Step?
7-8: How does being aware of my humility help me work this Step?
Asked Him to remove our shortcomings, because we realized that on our own we did not, could not, would not stop using nicotine and change what was necessary in order to truly live “happy, joyous, and free» lives. We may have had too much shame, too much arrogance, and too much nicotine. We were unable to process our feelings with clarity and have a relationship with a Higher Power that could enable us to be restored to sanity.
This “asking» is not simply a passive request; it is an active invitation to have our Higher Power directly involved in our day-to-day lives. We are taking our surrender to an even deeper level. The removal of shortcomings may likely require our furthering of patience and trust with this spiritual process.
Ask yourself:
7-9: How has working the previous Steps prepared me spiritually for this Step?
7-10: How has my concept and/or relationship with a Higher Power progressed as I’ve reached Step Seven?
7-11: What are the main shortcomings I want to have removed?
7-12: Do I believe a Power greater than myself can remove my shortcomings? Explain.
7-13: Why do I want a Power greater than myself to remove my shortcomings?
7-15: If I have doubts about this process, can I act as if I believe that my shortcomings can be removed?______Explain.
7-16: How have the members of my group affected my belief in a Higher Power that can effect change?
7-17: Have I discussed with other members of my group or my sponsor how they practice Step Seven?_____What have I learned?
7-18: How would I describe my role in having my shortcomings removed?
7-20: How does the principle of patience become involved in this process?
7-21: How would I describe my level of commitment to this process?
7-22: As I work this Step, Do I feel an improvement in my actions and attitudes? Describe.
7-24: What actions do I take (or refrain from taking) when I realize improvement (for example, not reacting in «trigger» situations)?
7-25: Do I understand that this Step’s «asking» is an ongoing process as I live my life?____Why?
7-27: How does the Seventh Step Prayer influence and affect my life today?
7th Step Prayer
«My Higher Power, I place myself in your hands and humbly ask that my character defects be lifted from me so that I may help others. Please grant me willingness, courage, and strength so that through my actions I may reflect
your love and wisdom. Amen.»