Alcoholics Anonymous

This is the audio version of the Fourth Edition of the Big Book, the basic text for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Title Page
Copyright Information
Foreword to First Edition
Foreword to Second Edition
Foreword to Third Edition
Foreword to Fourth Edition
The Doctor’s Opinion
Chapter 1 — Bill’s Story
Chapter 2 — There Is a Solution
Chapter 3 — More About Alcoholism
Chapter 4 — We Agnostics
Chapter 5 — How It Works
Chapter 6 — Into Action
Chapter 7 — Working with Others
Chapter 8 — To Wives
Chapter 9 — The Family Afterward
Chapter 10 — To Employers
Chapter 11 — A Vision for You
Part I — Pioneers of A.A.
Doctor Bob’s Nightmare
(1) Alcoholics Anonymous Number Three
(2) Gratitude in Action
(3) Women Suffer Too
(4) Our Southern Friend
(5) The Vicious Cycle
(6) Jim’s Story
(7) The Man Who Mastered Fear
(8) He Sold Himself Short
(9) The Keys of the Kingdom

Part II — They Stopped In Time
(1) The Missing Link
(2) Fear of Fear
(3) The Housewife Who Drank at Home
(4) Physician, Heal Thyself
(5) My Chance to Live
(6) Student Of Life
(7) Crossing the River of Denial
(8) Because I’m an Alcoholic
(9) It Might Have Been Worse
(10) Tightrope
(11) Flooded With Feeling
(12) Winner Takes All
(13) Me an Alcoholic?
(14) The Perpetual Quest
(15) A Drunk, Like You
(16) Acceptance Was the Answer
(17) Window of Opportunity

Part III — They Lost Nearly All
(1) My Botttle, My Resentments, and Me
(2) He Lived Only to Drink
(3) Safe Haven
(4) Listening to the Wind
(5) Twice Gifted
(6) Building a New Life
(7) On the Move
(8) A Vision of Recovery
(9) Gutter Bravado
(10) Empty on the Inside
(11) Grounded
(12) Another Chance
(13) A Late Start
(14) Freedom From Bondage
(15) A.A. Taught Him to Handle Sobriety

II — Spiritual Experience
III — The Medical View on A.A.
IV — The Lasker Award
V — The Religious View on A.A.
VI How To Get in Touch With A.A.
VII — Twelve Concepts (Short Form)